Between 19th of March and 10th of March I will be travelling. On this time I am unable to response on your e-mails. But be assured that I will respond to them after my travels. Thank you so much for waiting! 

I will ship your orders within a week, on the time when there is a lot of orders the shipping time can be over a week. I try to mark the shipping fees accurately as I am able to. 


If you decide to return your order for some reason:

I am not able to refund the postage, which is already payed for the post office. 

Also it is an customers responsibility to pay the return of the purchase.

If you need to cancel your order, please do that in 2 days of your purchase. 

I will refund your order if you have not received it in 3 weeks (Europe) and 8 weeks rest of the world. 

Your order is shipped from Finland, please keep that in mind when waiting the parcel.