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  • Image of FOREST MOON pre-order
  • Image of FOREST MOON pre-order
  • Image of FOREST MOON pre-order

FOREST MOON pre-order


Forest Moon talismans will be made again on third week of April. If you make an pre-order, there is an free shipping.

To see the moon glimmering above the woodland pines, is always such a magical sight to see.

Every moon is unique, like the different moon phases.
Green kyanite symbolism is to balance one with the nature. This stone helps to communicate also with nature spirits.

These moons are hand crafted and soldered of a lead free pewter. Brass chain. Soft lichen green raw kyanite. The kyanite stones vary in sizes, but all equally beautiful. The length of the necklace is 45.5 cm / 18" or the length you choose. The moon pendant is approximately 4cm / 1.6", though the size can vary.

What customers have wrote about Woodland Moon:

"Earthy, unusual, lovingly packaged, arrived quickly...this necklace is like an amulet to me. Thank you, Delila, for such a thing of beauty."

"'s even more beautiful than I expected. I never had any jewellery made for me so this is so special"